Monday, August 4, 2014

WIMCT: YoYoYo and AKB Grads

Why Is Mari Crying Today?

Taken from Tomomi's official twitter that I have no inkling to what it says.
Maybe it says something about eating waffles or peanuts or something.

This morning I was graced by this particular tweet made by Tomomi Itano (Tomochin), a former member of AKB48 and my previous favorite member as well. 

Since I haven't taken Japanese in such a while (ok it's only been a year), I have no idea what this says. I also did not go beyond Japanese II so please bare with me. Though I may not know what the tweet says, nor do I care about the translations right now (even though I could google translate it), the twitter photo underneath it just made me die.

Tomomi Itano (right) and Maeda Atsuko (left)
How do you not think these two are freaking cute.

Maeda Atsuko, also known as Acchan, were posing in a photo together. Although I am not a big AKB fan as I use to be, these two were one of my favorites. 

Fellow senbatsu members forever! 

Let alone, they considered each other best friends during their reign in AKB48, so please refrain from hearing me cry. I really do miss seeing the old AKB48 members, or mainly those of the first three generations, being together. I really hope their solo careers are doing well!

Tomochin and Acchan have gone single since leaving AKB48, but it's great to see that the two best friends still have a chance to see each other when they can. Hopefully I get to see more of them together in the future! 

another yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo fucking caption gdi luhan

And look who decided to kill my mood with his recent instagram update. It is none other than the deer of EXO, Luhan. Maybe since I haven't been getting as much Sehun instagram updates as I would want (cries since I want more Sehun in my life), but damn. 

Luhan surely knows how to kill his own fangirls with that face of his. When I first saw this picture, I nearly had a heart attack (no pun attended to any fellow EXO fans). I liked Luhan's new hair once people started to upload photos of it after the EXO-M fan signing, and truly I haven't had a thing for Luhan since his dark hair during the MID era. 

But not only did he have to give me a heart attack, he also had to make me face palm and cry in a ball because of his caption. I mean have we got enough already, and guess what, I have a few examples:

The comment that started the apocalypse that is Yo Yo Yo Man 

Luhan being dumb during XOXO and attempting to speak English

The infamous scene of Exo's Showtime when Xiumin gets him and he says "Yo baby"

 I would like to provide a PSA for Luhan, please stop saying Yo yo yo yo yo. Please Luhan, when will this end? No, it has began, because look what has happened.

People are asking the hard hitting questions that Luhan must answer

Luhan has a bit of English up his sleeve, or so I think through the next amount of gifs I have provided:

You sir, are freaking gross

Someone stop him
Please I am barfing

Truly someone has taught him this English, whoever it is, because if it's you Wu Yi Fan, I will find you. But overall Luhan, you are too pretty. Why must you be so pretty Xiao Lu, tell me why? Sigh, I really hope with your new hair, I do not add you to the top 3 or soon to be 4 in my Exo bias list. I don't need this, especially after Tao dying his black hair.

Oh Sehun looking oh so fine while getting his hair done

Now like I said previously, I need more Sehun in my life. Baby boy looking so cute and fine while getting his hair done by his hairdresser. One of the many reasons why I love Sehun so much is his dedication to the fans. He truly wants to provide more for the fans even when he cannot be there physically. Truly I'm crying because of his perfection! Slay baby, slay.

But not only has he updated his instagram, but I have as well seen the pictures he and Kai took. And let me just upload these courtesy of baam and namoo khun

Well that was just fucking great to see some hot ass babies of mine on some magazine scans that again my heart is beating so fast. God bless that Kai and Sehun can not only sing and dance by model. Man I'm dying right now.

Chanyeol looking so cute as he does his classic v pose~

Not one, not two, but three Exo instagram updates. Have we been good to all the senpai's lately or has god answered my prayers. Well look at this cutie right here. I have been getting extra crazy for Chanyeol lately since I've been watching Roommate continuously lately. 

I also fell more in love with Chanyeol due to this video of him doing a very fast rap. Quoted by KrisMeBaek:
Outsider, the original artist who sings this song, is the world’s 2nd fastest rapper at 17 syllables per second in this song “Loner”. Many claim that he has reached speeds of 21, 23 & 24 syllables per second but these claims have not been substantiated. So that’s why everyone, included me, was very impressed by the speed of Chanyeol’s rapping here. He’s really really really good. (source)
I knew Chanyeol was an amazing rapper, but imagine the time and effort he had to put to do such rapping. But he probably has the skills do such things as these. He's truly made for rapping and god bless SM Entertainment for doing at least something right.

But seriously, this has been the first of many to come as to Why is Mari Crying Today, hope you liked it. Here are my final words: please do not say "Yo yo yo yo" to me unless you would like me to pull out all my hair and cry in a corner. If Maeda and Tomomi post another picture of them together, please contact me asap. I will also need to recover from that Sehun and Kai photo shoot along with Chanyeol's hot ass rapping. Bye.

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