Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Yoko Ono

Smelly Silvia.

Wow did you turn twelve cause you're literally twelve. But yeah happy birthday smelly punani panini pununu oppakiller1234. I feel bad that I'm telling you hella late in the day, and you could barely hear what I was saying on the phone so here:

I'll literally be seeing you in a week or so and we'll finally be living together, which is gross as fuck. Well I really hope that you have a great birthday while in San Francisco. Hope you get drunk or do some crazy stuff while there. Do whatever you want as long as you don't die ok. Also, do you really need that LUSH gift card I bought you since well I want to use it. If you do not respond anytime soon I will use it anyways. 

Okay to be extra sappy here I go:
You're gay.
No, but seriously. We've come a long way from watching movies on skype and messing around by being dumb and stupid. I really hope you achieve what you want in life and become who you want to be. You have been working really hard being on your own, and though I barely see you often, I do pray for your safety and that you are healthy. You truly are a great friend and deserve the best in life, and I can always count on you when needed. I always can tell you what's bothering me even though I try to conceal it as much as I can (since I hate telling people about my first world problems). 

You are a great friend even if I rarely say it on occasion, and I am blessed that you are apart of my life. Hopefully the upcoming year with each other will bring us wealth (please base god), good grades, stay away from annoying people, and help us grow into the adults that we aim to be. Happy birthday Silvia and hope you get what you want on your birthday, and if it's a dildo, I can buy one for you.

Now here's a compilation of shit that is basically you and me. 

That time where I had finals the next day, but we played Edward Forty Hands
while we were watching Exo's Showtime and acting dumb and shit yeah.
Shitty times in Los Angeles while waiting
to find a stupid bonfire spot at Docweiler Beach 
Your last day in Vegas when we went to iHop
to have unlimited pancakes sobs
When we were snapchatting someone during
Winter Break when you stayed at my house
That one time we went to Vidcon to see
Dan Howell and Phil Lester
And this picture is just a dumb
tweet of you shouting out to Satan 
And here we have a picture of us while riding Tran

Happy birthday best friend (throws up), 
love me e u e

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