Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mari's 1354: The Never-Ending Breakup

Entry One | July 7th, 2014 
Prompt: The never-ending breakup (from 642 Things To Write About)

Maya Deren, The Very Eye of Night (1958)

We use to be so alive with the very presence of each other. Now all I ever feel for the man I use to call my boyfriend was pure and uttermost hatred and abhorrence.

Sure, Zack knew it was over the day we visited my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. It was surely not my fault. Of course not since I did nothing wrong at the time. He had caused the downfall of our relationship. I had caught him in a compromising position with my nineteen year old cousin as he failed to cover the sad excuse he called his manhood. Manhood could not even comply to describe his length. I would say his uncircumcised and prepubescent pickle drooped unhappily as I walked in. Yes, the man I found to be the one did not need to for go the three strikes rule. No, he lost his precious mvp title once he was sliding into fourth base with not me, but my baby cousin.

I was devastated at the time, but in a short while, most likely three days, I sprang back on my feet. The plan that started this whole fiasco, and the very situation that caused where we stood today: to find solace by inflicting pain and suffering to our previously beloved.

I decided to take action once he came over. We discussed through texts of his arrangement to move out. He had already took some of his belongings while I was at work for the past few days, so he would not bother to show his face. Unbeknwost to him, I knew the exact time Zack would come to pick up the remaining items he owned in our once shared bedroom. Once he opened the door, he then found me in bed with his best friend on top.

This marathon of who would receive the prize to end our once happy relationship began at that very moment. We had not officially made it clear that we were over, even both of our families thought we were still together. It lasted not a few months, nor a year, but nearly three and a half years later to be where we are now. The competition was relentless as we served not breaking up with each other in the slightest. Zack and I chose to hook up, deceive, and play with those who were attached in the others’ personal life. We decided that whoever won this game would rightfully give the winner the satisfaction of breaking up with the loser. And here started the never-ending breakup as we are, to this day, still battling head to head against one another.

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