Monday, August 4, 2014

Just Chill: Obsessions of the Week

I saw a particular post on tumblr about Megan Trainor's song. I heard it was to help support body positivity amongst our generation - well to those who are more curvy oppose to those who are skinny. I truly cannot get enough of this song to save my life. I have been popping, locking, jamming, and breaking to this song like it's nobody's business. Being someone who is blessed with curves and an ass I truly wish to loose, this song gave me more confidence and believe that I should be happier with who I am. Though I am oppose to her talking about skinny people being bitches, it was a great song.

The music video was very playful. It also gave more leverage to those who are curvy to show there is no shame to be who you are to love your body too. The sort of soft-grunge vibe with the pastel backdrops and outfits made me love it even more. Along with the music video, the lyrics truly did give a great message to those struggling with their body since they aren't a size two. Sure I really am not skinny enough to fit into lower jean sizes, but like Megan says in her lyrics:

FAR EAST MENTION MANNEQUINS are truly the group that I have invested my time into since I took the liberty of purchasing most of their singles on iTunes. I haven't listened to Wannabe, We Flood The Night, UFO, and Party All Night yet, but I might in the future. As of now, Kiss The Rain is my favorite song of theirs, but I got hooked by listening to White Noise. I really got interested while scrolling randomly on Tumblr, again, one day. I saw these two gifs from a person I was following and got curious.

Both these gifs are from the Kill the DJ music video

I really was interested on these girls who called themselves FEMM. As many people thought with their name, I kept thinking about Far East Movement. Once I watched the White Noise music video, I was bouncing up the walls and popping my booty to it. Note: I say booty popping or popping my booty as an expression for my love of a particular song. I truly love their songs, and although Fxxk Boys Get Money is not a favorite amongst fans, the music video is hilarious. Two Japanese girls rhyming slick and twerking was just amazing. For now, I think Fxxk Boys Get Money will stay on my go to dance music playlist. Hopefully that will change soon!

David So's voice is heaven for human ears. I love songs by Musiq Soulchild, and David's silky, smooth voice gave meaning to this cover. The first verses he did were just amazing, and I haven't been able to stop putting this on blast. Let's not forget Paul Kim's equally amazing voice that can do vocal runs like any child or adult could, which is truly a lie. Literally I listen to this song like it's the only source of food my soul needs, and whenever I have to wash the dishes lol. 

Even if you have not listened to the original song, but I advise you to do so by clicking here, it's truly a song that is made for the summer. The smooth jazz like notes can sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, bring down the heat with their water-like voices since they're so smooth and lucid. It brings me back to the old days of easy listening music than songs now on the radio. Though the summer is ending increasingly as the days pass, it's truly great to listen to two amazing vocalists that bring back the vibes of the 90's and 2000's. You can download this cover here on David's bandcamp, so please support him!

Well look where we are now. If you know me personally, you know I like kpop. Okay maybe not like, more like love. The daily dose of kpop tag will probably be used more frequently than most others, unless I make an EXO tag in the future. 

Moving on, Block B's new single Her is another summer jam that I am obsessed over. After listening to Jackpot, I had no idea they could top their previous single. I was really sad but understand Block B's decision to cancel Jackpot promotions and performances due to the Sewol Ferry Incident (may those souls rest in peace).

Their comeback single is provides a new sound and image to the usual hard image that is Block B. Their music video reminded me so much of the soft grunge theme music video like in Megan Trainor's All About the Bass video that packed more of a punch. Let's not forget all the cartoon art and pastel colors soft grunge themes take on as well as the randomness that came along with showing an ostrich and promoting Tide.

It truly is a song someone can just get up in and jam to if they're trying to be productive as I was while packing my stuff before I leave for San Francisco. I listened to this song on repeat to help give me energy to work and clean. Sigh, I wish this song was longer, so I can dance more to it! 

Overall, here are my thoughts on each member: Zico killed it with the raps in this. Kyung was just so cute, and he, Taeil, and Ukwon's voices were sex (again for reference Ukwon is the bae). I honestly did not like P.O's pink-ish hair, but the maknae was killing his raps and singing parts too! As for B Bomb and Jaehyo, maybe I was biased towards Ukwon and Taeil, but I didn't really keep my eyes on them that much >.< but Block B was overall cute with their dance. One of my favorite summer single kpop songs.

Unlike Block B, I heavily follow up with GOT7 more frequently, but they come to a close third to EXO and Bangtan Boys. Although I am sad this is not a single, this song just hurts my heart. Hurt both in a good and bad way. Good since it's my favorite song on their album, next to their single A. It hurts so good since their voices are packed purely with backtrack that can make you fall asleep at night since I tend to use this song as a lullaby at night. 

Jackson especially is the one person from GOT7 who had made me melt with this song. Usually Jackson is the rapper of the group, yet he sang in this song. I could not believe that he was the one singing the beginning verses, besides Mark's intro. It really made me mad that they auto-tuned his voice since he does not need it. Jackson may be the China Representative in fencing, but he surely does not need the auto-tuning.

I seriously invested so much time in finding a live version to watch of this song, but sadly there were only shorten performance from A Song For You, fancams, their debut showcase that made them autotune their voices, and just one radio show that suited my taste.

I really wanted to hear more of this song, which concludes why this song hurts in a bad way. The translations of the lyrics seriously made me cry as well as Youngjae, JB, and JR's vocals. This song is a great slow jam that can make you just feel the joy of being in love (which I clearly do not have any knowledge in this department lol) even if you do not understand the Korean lyrics, you could feel it through their emotions.

Hope you liked my first Obsession of the Week in my Just Chill section. These will mainly provide my music reviews and tastes that I hope you would look into. Cannot wait to add more to this label. Wait for more to come!

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