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WIMCT: Hot Crossdressers, Die Jungs, Dark&Wild

Why Is Mari Crying Today?

Since I am leaving for San Francisco, I have been hanging out with my friends lately. I had not before since of complications with summer school, creating a game plan for my move to SF, and mainly since I did not want to waste money to hang out. 

I revisited AKBINGO's Danso segment while hanging out with my friends Nikki and Sydney. We were really bored one day and kept looking at these videos of the girls dressing up like boys to sway their fellow AKB48 members. Danso is the concept of females crossdressing as males. Below is one of my favorite Danso episodes of NMB48's Matsui Rena playing an archer. 

She truly looks like a boy, and I think, even though it is cheesy, this segment just makes me cry. These girls who participate in the Danso segment know what other girls want in a boy, so it gives them the opportunity to change their perspective and aim for the girls hearts. Since AKB48 members cannot date, I think this helps the girls distinguish, if they could, what their ideal man would be.

Episodes like Shinoda Mariko's where she is a boss and Maeda Atsuko is the dazed worker wishing to quit her job. This concept is a little farfetched, or maybe I am a bit bitter since I wished Rena won instead of Mariko. Mariko pulled off being a man well, especially with her voice and the clothes and wig.

Another episode is of Watanabe Mayu playing a doctor that truly made one of the girls cry, especially when she asked Mayu to say "Shi-chan, there's still hope for you." It was Mayu's role will never be real guy that she'll ever have. Mayu surprisingly did not win this segment either, which was by far one the best Danso episodes.

If you're interested in watching a full episode of Akbingo's Danso episode to see if you'd enjoy it, please look at the video below:

Here are other compilations of my favorite, whether they be horrible or not, danso videos that either include English subs or not.

Hope you all are interested to learn more about AKB48, watch AKB48 dressing with Danso,  or watch more Akbingo.

If it hasn't been clear, I am a huge EXO fan. There are previews to their new photobook Die Jungs, which is the guys in German. EXO had a photoshoot in Germany, and the eleven boys could not look any better. I wonder how the EXO-M photobook will look once released since Kris would be edited out of the majority of them. Maybe they had to discard some photos because of it. Well all three photobooks are $200 all together for a premium set, but a single one is $32 for pre-order. Here are a few photos that are from these sources (fy! exo and Top Stars News):

The packaging of Die Jungs and the three box sets
(EXO, EXO-M, EXO-K Versions)

Still wondering how they edited Kris out, yet the members look very high cut
oppose to the few like Luhan, Jongin, Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol who
seem to just want to be more quirky and want to have fun while shooting.

Jongin casually taking a stroll in Germany

Baby Taozi taking a ride on his penny board while
I am assuming Luhan is trying to start a fight

EXO-K being total derps with their lollipops (left)
and also looking cute and adorable (right)

I am surprised Kai was not a model before he became an idol,
but look at this hot guy holding a gun while reading.

Actual models: Lay, Sehun, Kai, Luhan, Tao, D.O, and Xiumin
Derps: Chanyeol, Chen, Baekhyun, and Suho Missing: Kris

Still wondering how they were able to photoshop him out

My baby in a Batman shirt and crown that makes me want to tear my computer screen

I really like to know the director or photographer of this shoot since
how the hell is Mario and Luigi express anything that is Germany

The model makne line featuring Kai (left) and Sehun (right)

I'm really hoping that's Chanyeol wearing that ugly ass maks with Sehun,
but seriously what is the purpose or theme of their damn photobook

Xiumin ignoring his boyfriend best friend Luhan as they casually walk the street

I wonder how much money it was to edit out all of the however many pictures Kris were in.
While looking at these photos, it made me feel a little sad, because Kris had left the group. I got into EXO during Wolf promotions, but Growl made me more hooked. These pictures were probably taken before Growl promotions since Suho's hair is curlier and Tao's hair is extra long in these photos. 

EXO has been working really hard since Kris left, and they're doing fairly well. I hope they strive and that EXO-L's (EXO fans) can just provide support to EXO and Wu Yifan as well. EXO fighting.

Before I go onto another topic, I found a post that showed a little of the editing of Kris shown below (from shingekinowufan):

The blonde hair and that random long arm seems suspicious
Hmm a little blurry there, but aw does that mean Kris had his head on
top of Jongdae, or was he actually posing since we'll never know

The DARK & WILD teaser for BTS's new album was released last week. Their teaser photos were also released, but I will go into that later. The teaser video was a tease. I got so hyped because of the rap, but I was a little disappointed they didn't show any of the members. I really wanted to see my babies, but many ARMY's are freaking the fuck out because of their teaser photos. I will go into their teaser photos later, but let's move back into the teaser video of DARK & WILD.

The beginning of the song just made me feel good with the orchestra playing (or whatever string instruments that consisted of the intro). I did not expect the different feel of the song once you reach past the mountains. A forest of black and white with cracked televisions and phones transition the hard bass of the song that leads into a wasteland city with bombs being fired into the buildings. 

BTS's music is always such a different style as well as the dances they perform. They truly work hard with the help of their team and the members of BTS to produce their albums. Their upcoming album will probably receive love if not more than the albums previous since this teaser actually gave more depth for their songs that will soon be released.

Now I will be discussing their teaser photos, each through captions found on their Facebook:

Well my panties are wet, so do you think I'll like their upcoming comeback

Your face makes me cry due to your new hotness,
but Min Yoongi I still wish you had longer hair

You are no longer called GrossMon to me anymore

Holy hell Jimin, what happened to your cuteness

Hobi you're so hot that I when you look like that I cry

There were only three people in BTS that I would give permission to
touch me, now all seven of them have authorization to touch my body

What are you thinking about, cause you remind me of Taeyang

The firey red and burgundy couple 

Dumb member line

Dear God, thank you for this blessing

I don't care if you're swaggy just be
my boyfriend with a tattooed tear drop

I know Jhope loves his dongsaengs, but is this a threesome

Pinku Princess, you're now a King in my book

You better put that tongue back where it belongs Park Jimin

The firey red and burgundy couple returns

Kooki your not a baby anymore, and I need to
stop thinking bad thoughts cause you're jailbait

Jhope, please control your face for my sake

Instead of lying on the floor, lie on me V

You can lie on me too Namjoon

Stare into my soul Jin

Look at me not away

If you stay still Jimin, I'll actually start liking you more

That tear drop makes me produces tears
cause you're so hot Min Yoongi

What did they feed you Jin, cause
you literally changed into a man

Be my baby forever Taehyung

Again with the exposed skin Jungkooki

Go back to your room cause your five but a hottie

BigHit also released another teaser of the hottie mchotties, and I couldn't feel anymore excited for their new music video. I can just feel me fainting once I see them. Just saying, Jin, who was my least favorite member but love them all regardless, was showing more arms recently. I cried since he looked so fine. Cannot wait for Jin to just tear up the screen. I hope he's the main in this music video, for it seems as so.

BigHit also released a streaming of Suga's song that he produced, and I could not be anymore excited. The song is so catchy and I truly love it. BigHit is trying so hard to tease all of us ARMY's since we're freaking the hell out with their comeback. I honestly could not believe it would be coming out sooner than expected. Since Boy In Luv promotions ended in April or May, I thought BTS would be quiet for a while. Ever since they went to LA, they've been working so hard for their new record. Hope the babies are doing well and giving it their all. Bangtan Sonyeondan fighting!

Here is another post of Why Is Mari Crying Today, hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I had. Though I do apologize that for now it's only about kpop and jpop, don't worry for in the future it will be different. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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