Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Fists and Fights > Anything

Our temperaments clash everyday.

These conflicts are to the death upon anything that comes to mind

Luckily, we always have a minimum of three fights a day. 

We wish it could lessen due to our anger,

Yet sadly the number increases as the days pass.

It starts at the break of dawn, for instead of good mornings,

there's an angry text or call awaiting to discuss of one's wrongs.

Lunch calls squabbles of the other not trying hard enough.

You tend to blame me more, 

But I feel it's the other the way around.

Dinner schedules the best discussions since there is no organization.

We discuss anything and everything,

Ignoring anything that'd be sensitive to the other.

He who is like a mountain stands his ground for eternity,

Yet the volcano erupts lava ceasing inactivity.

She who spreads the flames like a forest fire,

but creates better soil to nourish better life.

One who understands when enough is enough.

He threatens, not physically, but mainly emotionally.

His aggravation is better than the joy of holding his hand.

What could you ever call this relationship?

Surely we are unfit for each other, yet we are so similar. 

This is like love, but it is not yet love.

Hello everyone, sadly I have had a few weeks hiatus from my dear blog! Need not to worry my wonderful people, I shall be back with more soon! Hopefully tomorrow!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

WIMCT: RIP $$Daddy$$ Era, Flashback to Robin Williams, Family Feud Fun

Why Is Mari Crying Today?

Previously before watching the video I will be discussing, I had watched the lip-sync battle between Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. It was incredible, and that video led me to watch the video below.

I grew up watching GSN (Game Show Network) throughout my childhood. My favorite shows included Whammy, Friend or Foe, The Newlywed Game, Street Smarts, Weakest Link, Improv-A-Ganza, and much more. Family Feud was always one of my all-time favorite shows too since the hosts were always hilarious and trying to guess the survey answers while at home made it more fun.

Jimmy Fallon is truly a great host of The Tonight Show, although there are many critics of the direction he's taking the show in (I've adored Fallon since Queen Latifah and him did that movie Taxi together~). The video below just made me burst out in laughter for these multiple reasons: Steve Harvey is great, Jason Segal was there, they couldn't even get the marijuana survey was hilarious, and they were all having fun even for the sake of television.

After watching Family Feud on The Tonight Show, I watched a few more episodes of that lead me to the Tran family episode. It was truly hilarious again, and this was the first time I've seen an Asian family on Family Feud. It was a great episode, and I truly hope you all will watch it. You will laugh with all the jokes the Tran family made, especially since Khan is great and Charlie being a prostestess is awesome too! You will not regret watching this episode.

Want more things that could potentially make you laugh? Why not watch the episode of Whose Line Is It Anyways featuring Robin Williams? After watching hoards of Family Feud episodes on YouTube, I wanted my daily fix of comedy. I turned to watching combined clips of Scenes from a Hat from the WLIIA, and I totally forgot that Robin Williams was featured.

I grew up with WLIIA, and I absolutely adored Robin Williams in this episode. It was truly an unforgettable episode. I did not intend to watch an old episode of the show, since I was actually looking for the new season of WLIIA, but the clip of Robin Williams from the Scenes from a Hat episode were hilarious. Maybe his death did factor to why I wanted to watch it, but truly you'll love every moment of his appearance. 

It truly was sad looking how much fun he was having with the cast, and it did bring tears to my eyes. This episode gave me a so much nostalgia. It reminded me that life is so precious, and I had watched this episode while I was only in elementary school. Time surely does fly; people do leave our lives though this doesn't mean that they're performances and actions will die in vain. 

Robin Williams will live on, and you can always watch his great comedic performances on the Internet when and if you have the time.

EXO has again made an appearance in the WIMCT series, but realize EXO makes me cry everyday unfortunately. Sadly, Junmyeon, or Suho, the leader of EXO has done something terrible. Yes, the man who makes EXO laugh at his ugly crying face, the one who's theme song is just cash register noises since he's rich, the mommy of the group, Kim Junmyeon has done a great crime. 

The crime he has committed is severe and not for the faintest of hearts. He has dyed his hair back to brown. No more luscious, beautiful, blonde hair. We're returning back to Grandpa Era ladies and gentlemen. Say goodbye to $$Daddy$$ Myeon.


So my lovely followers, what do you think my response is to the return of Grandpa Era and the end of $$Daddy$$ Era? Here are some pictures I will be using to express my emotions on the matter:

Yes, Suho with blonde hair equals $$Daddy$$ Era, so what? I appreciated his hotness since he looked stunning with his beautiful hair, not that Junmyeon wasn't beautiful before, but the blonde seriously boosted his hotness.

I am just sad that it came and gone so quickly (like Kris and the disaster that was the Overdose Era sobs in corner). Once Suho dyed his hair, many people went apeshit, myself included. He wasn't just the mommy leader of EXO anymore, no. He became DADDY MYEON. Since Junmyeon died his hair back to brown so quickly, let me just reminisce on some of my favorite hot ass daddy moments with his blonde hair.

Dr. Suho, please touch my butt please
Daddy looking good while eating a banana
Not only does Daddy look hot, but
hottie Sehun makes a slight appearance
Yes, unbutton your shirt for me Daddy
Strong Junmyeonnie as he accepts an award
for Overdose after news of Kris's lawsuit <3
Those beautiful contacts and makeup make
Daddy look so fucking hot

Cutie pie Junmyeon part 2
Innocent little fucker 
EXO collab with MCM at the revolving
photobooth with boyfriend Kyungsoo
$$$DADDY$$$ MCM photoshoot 
Makeup-less Suho~ ^^
That fierce I don't care look
Not only does he own my heart,
but my panties too with that look
Damn that beautiful body
Curse your beautiful booty~
This is the reason why my tumblr tag is Luv U Dad
The news of $$Daddy$$ Era ending was discovered through his sunbaes since Suho hung out with Super Junior's Siwon and Donghae. The pictures they had together were so cute, and the other photos that Suho ever took while hanging out with another celebrity is with my Queen, Kwanghee and while seeing a musical with some fellow leaders. Here are the cute photos with Siwon and Donghae found from their respected Instagrams:
Cutie pie Junmyeon hanging out with his respected sunbae
This bitch trying to hide from the camera,
but we fucking saw you from his previous IG update
Another cute selca of Suho with Siwon and Donghae
But again ladies and gentlemen, this video from Donghae's Instagram clearly takes the cake for a great way to embarrass yourself infront of your seniors:

Oh Suho, I know you are so humble and polite, but please remember to look what's behind you next time. I couldn't stop laughing from Siwon and Donghae's laughter. I watched this video more than ten times since it was THAT funny to me. I am not trying to hate on Suho since I love EXO as a whole, yes including Kris. I am just glad that he's able to get some freetime ever since the stress of their concert. EXO has been working so hard, and SM needs to seriously give them a needed break.

Speaking of a needed break, here are some photos of EXO at Chanyeol's dad's bar. It's nice to see the babies taking a little break. Sadly poor Luhan isn't in the photos and hopefully he's not in the hospital again. I also thought it was cute that Chanyeol's dad said in the picture: my sons~ Absolutely cute as fuck my dears. 

It also caught my attention that they're all brunettes now. Many are speculating and rumors are circulating that EXO is having ANOTHER comeback set for either this month or November. Since the news of Luhan's exhaustion and the inability to perform for two concert dates, I really hope this is untrue. Sure, I would love to see them again, but these boys need their fucking rest.

I don't want this whole WIMCT segment to be dedicated to EXO towards the end, so I just want to show some of Sehun's recent Instagram updates since I am just happy they're taking a quick break.

Sehun and Chanyeol trying to
act like hot shit, but they're not 
Cutie pies Lay and Xiumin take a picture
with Sehunnie cause he loves his hyungs~
With his boyfriend Tao and mom Suho
Lastly, Sehun shopping by himself~

Well that is it for now for this week's Why Is Mari Crying Today. Hopefully you all discovered something new and learned more of why I cry at pathetic things. Have a great day everyone, and I will soon be posting another writing blurb for my Mari's 1354. Stay tuned for more~

Sunday, September 28, 2014

bb: Fangirl

book blurbs

Hello my fabulous people. I have been reading like crazy lately, both inside and outside the classroom, and I can't stop entering Barnes and Nobles lately. If you're interested on what I am putting on my must read sections look no further! Mari's daily bb's (book blurbs) are here at your service!

On my need to read list:

credit wonder reads

I have been dying to read Fangirl for a while. After this book, I will be constantly reading Crazy Rich Asian, but honestly I am still a little heartbroken through this book. I am a little unhappy that there weren't any more pages, but I knocked this book out in two weeks. 

Synopsis (fair warning - very bland):

The book follows twins Cather and Wren as they set off to college. Both are obsessed with the Simon Snow series ever since they were kids. Cather and Wren have even made a series of fanfiction dedicated to Simon and Baz, who can be compared to Harry and Draco. Both have been writing this fanfic for three years, but as they are now in college, Wren is starting to slip away from her sister's grasp. She's turning more to her roommate Courtney and showing less interest in Simon Snow. Cather has never strayed so far from her sister before, for they always did everything together. Hell, they're twins and shared the same room in the same house for eighteen years. Now Cather is left to fend by herself even if she has her roommate Reagan. 

Excerpts from Fangirl (1)
credit sallybutter

While Wren has been living the perfect college life any other girl would love, Cather stays in her room eating protein bars and staying alone. Well not entirely. Reagan's off and on again boyfriend, Levi, tends to swing by as he please, or whenever Cath is there. She always wonders why he's there even if his girlfriend isn't, but she can't seem to brush him off her shoulders. Levi is bright like the sun, yet he cannot take the hint that he's unwanted.

Throughout the book, the reader follows Cath on her journey from her dad who suffers a mental disorder, the now estrange relationship with her twin, the never ending annoyance of her roommate's boyfriend while she is taking a upper level class with junior and seniors with a professor who is one of her favorite writers. 

Probably one of my favorite lines in Fangirl,
especially when it's snide comments to Twilight.


I had been wanting to read this particular Rainbow Rowell book since Eleanor and Park. Her humor always makes me laugh, literally out loud, while I read. Some of her writing just cracked me up, but due to spoilers, I will not give some away. I also loved this book in since it was the first book that I have read that addressed fandoms and the fanfiction culture. 

Maybe my inner child that use to read Naruto, Digimon, and a whole lot of anime fanfiction while in elementary school came out. Ok, I'm not gonna lie about reading some EXO fanfiction here and there when I'm sad, but that topic is up for debate for another day.

Rainbow Rowell is a probably one of my favorite writers through her humor and the connection with pop culture she made throughout this book. The book was made last year, and the references to Kanye West, Harry Potter, Starbucks, Twilight, and the basic college experience is there. She also made a literary allusion to The Outsiders, my favorite book in middle school.

It has all the basic things any ordinary teen who can understand being in college and invested in a fandom, especially if it's a heavily grossed out one, dealing with family issues, and more themes too. Many have called this the Tumblr book, and frankly I could potentially understand this claim. Cath is that typical girl who probably, if not due to school, would sit and scroll through the Internet.

Here's a few other reasons why you should read this book:

credit redvineranger
Honestly a great read, and like the many people who have posted reviews on Goodreads, it will make you think "Where will I go on from here?"

If you ever have time to read a simple book from a girl who spends her time on the Internet, like any other teenager or young adult in this century, give Fangirl a try. It's worth it. 

Here are some other excerpts that I snagged from tumblr and a few other texts and arts of the Fangirl fandom, some spoilers may apply:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mari's 1354: True at first light, false by noon

Entry Seven | September 16th, 2014 
Prompt: Write about something that is true at first light and false by noon (from 714 More Things To Write About)

A Night in Seoul #2 by Hajin Bae
That's Love Hajin Bae

"Count the stars," I whisper into his ear.

He attempted by closing one eye, using his thumb to count the one's he saw while I scoffed. 

Though not ridiculous as we were painted out to be, we were in our element. No competition, no rules or guidelines, no danger, just us.

We never could be like this again until the darkness trailed slowly and painfully behind. True at first light, false by noon: it was who we are. 

Once the sky turned azure, I could finally race through the dimmed streets. I was eager to catch a mere glimpse of him, even for a few seconds. My relentlessness always erupts during the night since we could never achieve the life we desired. He always told me that I could escape this fantasy. Daytime always felt lacking since I was never content. The short nights that barely let me caress his skin helped supply the energy I needed to fight off the day. He worried that I always put him before myself. 

And I did. 

To Dusk until dawn, the somber skies brighten while the stars sang for his divine presence. The breeze in the air was caused by his laughter, for the wind adored it like a melody. The clouds darken during his dejected moods. Bitter rain came to offer its comforts to brighten his spirits. The sun always rose when it wanted to take him away from me; it knew we would always lure each other to a dead end.

Far from simplistic were we, if only we could count the stars whenever we please. The restrictions and boundaries were difficult, but we tried even if our hands were bloody and scabbed. In the end, he'd kiss them away and I would do the same.
We attempt to linger close to one another once the light drove us away, but it was rare to see each other once the rays of light touched our skin.

"How long until-" 
"An hour," he sighed.

I crept closer to his shoulder and tried to shield myself from the rising sun in the distance. The end was near, and the moon could no longer shield us from the blaze.

"Tomorrow, where do you want us to go?" I whispered. 

Cupping my ear, he softly hummed, "A place where the light doesn't chase you away from me."

I wish so too.

Another melancholy-like mood, I know. I am sorry, but I got inspiration for this prompt this morning. I looked at this prompt before, but I had no idea what I could spark to make it happen. It cried out to me, and I could not find anything, material for that matter, that is true at first light and false by noon except for morning dew. This idea popped in my mind at 7AM this morning, and I had to rush to find my laptop to write. I promise I'll try for a more happier prompt later! At least this somewhat was bright...okay no it wasn't.