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Hello my fabulous people. I have been reading like crazy lately, both inside and outside the classroom, and I can't stop entering Barnes and Nobles lately. If you're interested on what I am putting on my must read sections look no further! Mari's daily bb's (book blurbs) are here at your service!

On my need to read list:

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I have been dying to read Fangirl for a while. After this book, I will be constantly reading Crazy Rich Asian, but honestly I am still a little heartbroken through this book. I am a little unhappy that there weren't any more pages, but I knocked this book out in two weeks. 

Synopsis (fair warning - very bland):

The book follows twins Cather and Wren as they set off to college. Both are obsessed with the Simon Snow series ever since they were kids. Cather and Wren have even made a series of fanfiction dedicated to Simon and Baz, who can be compared to Harry and Draco. Both have been writing this fanfic for three years, but as they are now in college, Wren is starting to slip away from her sister's grasp. She's turning more to her roommate Courtney and showing less interest in Simon Snow. Cather has never strayed so far from her sister before, for they always did everything together. Hell, they're twins and shared the same room in the same house for eighteen years. Now Cather is left to fend by herself even if she has her roommate Reagan. 

Excerpts from Fangirl (1)
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While Wren has been living the perfect college life any other girl would love, Cather stays in her room eating protein bars and staying alone. Well not entirely. Reagan's off and on again boyfriend, Levi, tends to swing by as he please, or whenever Cath is there. She always wonders why he's there even if his girlfriend isn't, but she can't seem to brush him off her shoulders. Levi is bright like the sun, yet he cannot take the hint that he's unwanted.

Throughout the book, the reader follows Cath on her journey from her dad who suffers a mental disorder, the now estrange relationship with her twin, the never ending annoyance of her roommate's boyfriend while she is taking a upper level class with junior and seniors with a professor who is one of her favorite writers. 

Probably one of my favorite lines in Fangirl,
especially when it's snide comments to Twilight.


I had been wanting to read this particular Rainbow Rowell book since Eleanor and Park. Her humor always makes me laugh, literally out loud, while I read. Some of her writing just cracked me up, but due to spoilers, I will not give some away. I also loved this book in since it was the first book that I have read that addressed fandoms and the fanfiction culture. 

Maybe my inner child that use to read Naruto, Digimon, and a whole lot of anime fanfiction while in elementary school came out. Ok, I'm not gonna lie about reading some EXO fanfiction here and there when I'm sad, but that topic is up for debate for another day.

Rainbow Rowell is a probably one of my favorite writers through her humor and the connection with pop culture she made throughout this book. The book was made last year, and the references to Kanye West, Harry Potter, Starbucks, Twilight, and the basic college experience is there. She also made a literary allusion to The Outsiders, my favorite book in middle school.

It has all the basic things any ordinary teen who can understand being in college and invested in a fandom, especially if it's a heavily grossed out one, dealing with family issues, and more themes too. Many have called this the Tumblr book, and frankly I could potentially understand this claim. Cath is that typical girl who probably, if not due to school, would sit and scroll through the Internet.

Here's a few other reasons why you should read this book:

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Honestly a great read, and like the many people who have posted reviews on Goodreads, it will make you think "Where will I go on from here?"

If you ever have time to read a simple book from a girl who spends her time on the Internet, like any other teenager or young adult in this century, give Fangirl a try. It's worth it. 

Here are some other excerpts that I snagged from tumblr and a few other texts and arts of the Fangirl fandom, some spoilers may apply:

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