Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mari's 1354: I'm sorry, these four words are hard.

Entry Five | September 14th, 2014 

Prompt: Explain why you stayed with someone you didn't love (from 714 More Things To Write About)

Art by Regan Morris

"I don't love you like I did...yesterday" 
- My Chemical Romance  //  I Don't Love You


He'd stay when I cried and try to block the world through my grief. He tend to hold my hand and wiped the tears, even when I was a mess with snot clogging my nose. 

My presence changed his appearance. His smile never fell and lit like the hot summer Vegas nights.

He loved the way I'd seek adventure. I was a curious cat, and he'd always let me roam as I please, but only if I return back into his arms. 

He'd kiss me a if it would be our last. Goodbyes were never his forte and hated the thought of me leaving. 

Even if it wasn't a hot day, he'd always buy me a slurpee at 7/11, so I would never be thirsty.

He loved me even if his parents did not accept my lifestyle at the time. I was so unworthy of his attention with my behavior, but he did not think less of me. 

He never got mad or hated me for kissing lips that did not belong to his. 

With just a mere touch I had him hooked. He would probably go through hell and back just to let me hold his hand. 

He was...too perfect.

Art by Regan Morris

Although he accompanied my misery with comfort, these feelings started through him. 

I loved to stray away. It meant I did not need to see his eager face. I grew tired of his bright smile as soon as he uttered the L-word. 

He secured boundaries if I ventured too far. I was restricted to his rules, and not the freedom I thrived upon.

Surely the goodbyes were hard, especially when he took eons to let me leave his car. 

He catered to me, but I did not need a waiter. I wanted a companionship.

His parents were right: we were not fit. I cursed, drank, lied, used and abused. I was a mere leech to suck his soul dry for pleasure. I was the walking nightmare, and yet he fended away from his parents’ protection.

I kissed countless of men so that in turn he'd give up, but he was always such a pushover. He was too understanding.

Clingy is the one word he always was. I would need a pair of pliers to help rid his skinship. He always thought I was heaven, but I knew he was the scorching pains of hell.

He was never mine, but he always found solace to make me his regardless of the price.

It has been a long time since I last put a Mari's 1354 post, but here it is guys. Hoped you enjoyed this new prompt I had wrote just recently. Hope you all are doing great and please tell me your opinions of it. Sorry for the overwhelming sappy and broken-down relationship topics recently, but it always gives me inspiration. I'll try to make the next one more happier and or cheerful!

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