Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mari's 1354: True at first light, false by noon

Entry Seven | September 16th, 2014 
Prompt: Write about something that is true at first light and false by noon (from 714 More Things To Write About)

A Night in Seoul #2 by Hajin Bae
That's Love Hajin Bae

"Count the stars," I whisper into his ear.

He attempted by closing one eye, using his thumb to count the one's he saw while I scoffed. 

Though not ridiculous as we were painted out to be, we were in our element. No competition, no rules or guidelines, no danger, just us.

We never could be like this again until the darkness trailed slowly and painfully behind. True at first light, false by noon: it was who we are. 

Once the sky turned azure, I could finally race through the dimmed streets. I was eager to catch a mere glimpse of him, even for a few seconds. My relentlessness always erupts during the night since we could never achieve the life we desired. He always told me that I could escape this fantasy. Daytime always felt lacking since I was never content. The short nights that barely let me caress his skin helped supply the energy I needed to fight off the day. He worried that I always put him before myself. 

And I did. 

To Dusk until dawn, the somber skies brighten while the stars sang for his divine presence. The breeze in the air was caused by his laughter, for the wind adored it like a melody. The clouds darken during his dejected moods. Bitter rain came to offer its comforts to brighten his spirits. The sun always rose when it wanted to take him away from me; it knew we would always lure each other to a dead end.

Far from simplistic were we, if only we could count the stars whenever we please. The restrictions and boundaries were difficult, but we tried even if our hands were bloody and scabbed. In the end, he'd kiss them away and I would do the same.
We attempt to linger close to one another once the light drove us away, but it was rare to see each other once the rays of light touched our skin.

"How long until-" 
"An hour," he sighed.

I crept closer to his shoulder and tried to shield myself from the rising sun in the distance. The end was near, and the moon could no longer shield us from the blaze.

"Tomorrow, where do you want us to go?" I whispered. 

Cupping my ear, he softly hummed, "A place where the light doesn't chase you away from me."

I wish so too.

Another melancholy-like mood, I know. I am sorry, but I got inspiration for this prompt this morning. I looked at this prompt before, but I had no idea what I could spark to make it happen. It cried out to me, and I could not find anything, material for that matter, that is true at first light and false by noon except for morning dew. This idea popped in my mind at 7AM this morning, and I had to rush to find my laptop to write. I promise I'll try for a more happier prompt later! At least this somewhat was bright...okay no it wasn't.

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