Thursday, January 8, 2015


Sunshine and Morning Mist, Sutton Park, England
Aldridge, in a Campervan
"You are my sunshine~ My only sunshine. 
You make me happy, When skies are grey. 
You'll never know dear, How much I love you. 
Please don't take my sunshine away~"

Whenever he called, he'd ask, "My dear Sunshine, how are you today?"

He described me as the light of his life. All I could ever be is enthusiastic.

"How can I have rainy days when all I need is the warmth of your essence?"

Cheese ball. That was all he was but there was no need for complaints.
You'd always say sunshine is the best medicine for happiness.

How cute and charming that you thought I lead you to endless smiles.

"Sunshine, you're brighter than the stars."
"Sunshine, you warm me up with just the sound of your laughter."
"Sunshine, all you do is create the perfect world for me."

The name grew on me. And it just felt right; the endearing term could never die.

"The sun could never be as bright as my Sunshine."
"It's morning Sunshine, but the sky does not glisten like you do."
"I am glad it doesn't rain as often as it use to because I have you Sunshine."

I am grateful for you.
Though I am not your Sunshine anymore, my own personal skies are still bright.
And it's all because of you.

Yes it has been a while, but why not start off the new year with sentimental memories of my past~ Of course I have been nostalgic now that I came home and decided to write about some memories. The piece or poem, if this can be considered one, came about from a book. A character called another "Sunshine, so then I had a flashback of this boy who use to call me it so often. Hope you enjoyed it~