Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Fists and Fights > Anything

Our temperaments clash everyday.

These conflicts are to the death upon anything that comes to mind

Luckily, we always have a minimum of three fights a day. 

We wish it could lessen due to our anger,

Yet sadly the number increases as the days pass.

It starts at the break of dawn, for instead of good mornings,

there's an angry text or call awaiting to discuss of one's wrongs.

Lunch calls squabbles of the other not trying hard enough.

You tend to blame me more, 

But I feel it's the other the way around.

Dinner schedules the best discussions since there is no organization.

We discuss anything and everything,

Ignoring anything that'd be sensitive to the other.

He who is like a mountain stands his ground for eternity,

Yet the volcano erupts lava ceasing inactivity.

She who spreads the flames like a forest fire,

but creates better soil to nourish better life.

One who understands when enough is enough.

He threatens, not physically, but mainly emotionally.

His aggravation is better than the joy of holding his hand.

What could you ever call this relationship?

Surely we are unfit for each other, yet we are so similar. 

This is like love, but it is not yet love.

Hello everyone, sadly I have had a few weeks hiatus from my dear blog! Need not to worry my wonderful people, I shall be back with more soon! Hopefully tomorrow!

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