Monday, August 11, 2014

Just Chill: Obsessions of the Week

Another new single that I cannot tear away from at the moment. RICHWHITELADIES (who comprises of Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel) are an aspiring rap/hip hop duo that are breaking out on the music scene with their new single WIMBLEDON. Again how did I stumble upon them? Of course, I had seen a gif on tumblr (like FEMM in my previous post) of these two absolutely drop, dead, gorgeous girls seen below.

Seriously the song is so different and catchy. Just the chorus repeating:
"You are so bull-bullshit
We are so Wimbledon"
made me want me to listen to it all day long. The song is very different than their other songs, that I heard right after watching the music video, but I did enjoy White Powder Perm with their rich and lighter skin tone race counterparts. The beginning of the song sounded more like any slow pop song or maybe Lana Del Rey-esque, but overall I did not expect hip hop and rap in this song. 

Going over the music video, I loved it. The whole Wimbledon theme was different and playful. Maybe it's because I always adore the idea of tennis outfits that look like you could wear out while with your friends. Tokyo Diiva's cropped top and mini skirt and Scotty Rebels' tennis-like dress really made me want to learn how to play tennis just to wear clothes like they are wearing. I truly would die to have their clothes.

Also what I loved about their music video was their fuck off we're hot shit attitude. They truly were killing and slaying their music video. Whoever directed their music video really made me more interested and want to invest more of my time to learn more about this duo. 

Cannot wait to learn more about these two ladies in the future since they truly have great potential and talent. Check them out here on their youtube to see more of them! Lastly before I end their segment, I just want to reference this beautiful photo of the duo since both of their beauty just makes me so damn jealous.

Something that took me by mere coincidence after watching a few episodes of Zoe 101, Victorious came on afterwards. The episode was about Cat (Ariana Grande) pretending to be someone she is not. She meets a guy named Evan, who is Aiden from Teen Wolf (cough I miss you Max Carver), and he only thought Cat was pretty since she had blonde hair and blue eyes. 

Cat throughout this episode is persistent on staying blonde haired and blue eyed since Evan only dates blondes. She then exposes her true identity, red hair and brown eyes, and Evan says she's beautiful but dumps her in the end. 

While she's upset and heartbroken, Robbie (Matt Bennet) steps in to help her feel better by singing a sweet song. The scene is just too cute to avoid so here's the clip from the show's fake social media site. Please, the scene is truly too cute, and it's hard to avoid saying "aw."

The song is catchy as hell and sweet, and I told my friends Tiffanie and Sydney that I would want (ok more like force) my future boyfriend to propose to me with this song. Some of the lyrics may be cheesy, but I kill for some cheese in my life when the time comes. Just look at some of Matt Bennet's lyrics he sang:
"You're the nugget in my ChickenMc  
The peanuts in my butter 
Adding fiber to our diet Beneficial for each other 
You're a piece of dental floss 
And I am the teeth 
You're Aretha Franklin 
I'm r-e-s-p-e-c-t "
"I love you more than the original Star Wars trilogy 
I am the walrus, you're the goo goo gajoo 
I'm a whole lot of nothing, you are much ado"
 It's just a sweet song that can either be interpreted romantically or platonically. If any of my friends were to ever feel sad one day, I'd probably sing and or learn this on guitar to cheer them up. Today I had the intentions of doing so for my sister, but it back fired on me. She kept telling me, "I think I'm gonna kill myself if you make me listen to this song." Well, songs like these aren't for everyone right?

I actually liked the version Ariana and Matt did live together. Ariana and Matt feed off of each other's energy, and I love Ariana's voice. I really did not know that Matt Bennet had this much talent with music since I've only seen his acting skills through movies and television, but he had exceeded my expectations. I hope he branches out more not only in acting but music too.

I have never been a fan of remixes and mixes of songs, but this one in particular is different. I had never heard of the song Partition before, but after this mix, I wanted to download the original song immediately. I was randomly picking up my mom from work, and I was freaking out. I didn't know Iggy and BeyoncĂ© collab; sadly it was not true and was only a remix of two popular songs. 

The mix is of Fancy and Partition, and it really makes me want to dance. Although this section is pretty short, all in all the mix is a great combination of the new rap queen Iggy Azalea with the legendary Wonder Woman who can do it all Beyoncé. Hopefully you'll be able to listen to it since it has a sweet beat and could probably help make your booty pop.

Ryan Colburn needs to be given a slow clap since it's truly an ideal mix, and if you'd like, click here to listen.

Coming from my current favorite ongoing Korean drama OST's is Chen of EXO's Best Luck. Funny thing was that I never knew this was Chen singing. I knew Chen would be singing an OST single for a drama, but never had an inkling to know which one. I started to be curious since watching my drama why this singer sounded like him, Kim Jongdae (Chen's real name). Of course I was stupid while trying to find the song Chen sang and put two and two together. 

The OST single is from the drama It's Okay, It's Love, and if you ever get time to watch it, one would think it's fresh and psychological plot refrains from the original cheesy Korean drama most are invested in. I would recommend to watch the new drama that I will put more in depth later for the next WIMCT.

Kim Jongdae's soothing voice helps unbreak hearts and mends them back to life. If you read the translation of this song, it really is just a cute love song about a man telling his woman that he is so lucky to have her. How can this not bring me close to tears and not make it on my Just Chill playlist for this week. 
My babies EXO making me cry of their acoustic of Love, Love, Love during their EXO: The Last Planet Tour. I loved all the songs on the Overdose album and couldn't stray away too long without relistening to it while working out. 

This particular audio post from tumblr is the reason to why I am listening to this acoustic cover
I think what really made me so excited about this particular cover was the fact that Chanyeol sang higher than usual. If you are not a fan of EXO, then let me break it down for you: the member who raps with his deep and sensual voice sang high to the point where I cried. When Chanyeol begins the lines of:

"Look into your eyes, butter-butterflies"
I had a heat stroke and passed out. Dear lord, someone stop this giant's damn voice. I was spent and could not recover from it. EXO rarely does acoustic covers or their own songs, so I nearly died when hearing that they performed this song live during their concert. Sadly I wish I was there, but thankfully fan cams are able to help ease the pain in not seeing them (especially not as OT12).

I downloaded the most clearer version of their Love Love Love acoustic performance, and the video killed me too. Sehun and Kai who rarely have lines were pretty much the focus of this fan cam, and I became so grateful. You would be too when the two lead dancers in EXO-K who rarely have lines were given screentime opposed to the vocalists.

Besides maknae line dancing and being the focus in the beginning half of the video, my favorite cannon pairing in EXO decided to show up next. Xiumin and Luhan, who consider each other best friends, decided to kill all these fan girls with Xiuhan moments. If only there were either more Setao, Sekai, and or Hunhan moments.

I was disappointed when I realized that they're probably lip syncing in may of their other performances, and I'm giving they benefit of the doubt they aren't in this one. Well hell like I know, but surely a great performance and song. Great job babies, hope you're tour is going well.

Another kpop song that I have decided to add onto my iTunes library. Honestly I was into this song due to the however many seconds (probably less than ten) Chanyeol was provided for this song. Henry is a good singer as well, and I like that he mentions more of the Bad Girl concept instead of girls always referring and antagonizing guys with the Bad Boy act. 

It's really catchy and more on the pop side, but once you give it a listen, you'd be able to dance and sing this song for hours on end. The velvet, smooth voice that Henry has just branches off the song more into light. I am not really a big fan of his, since I rarely listen to him ever, whoever produced this made me found a new song to add to my playlist.

I hope you all enjoy this new Just Chill segment in my blog. I may have put off this post for two days, but hope you can add these songs onto your iPod to brighten up your day. These songs could also help you when you want to sing and dance alone or with friends!

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